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5 Website Essentials.

By: John Wons April 28th, 2019

Your 24/7 Salesperson.

A website is your business’s 24/7 salesperson. It helps guide your visitors to: fill-out a contact form, view high-quality images of your work, read positive customer testimonials and learn about your story. These factors help persuade the visitor to move forward and to connect with your business.

5 Website Essentials.

1. Contact Information - When a visitor lands on your website, they know the service they are seeking to learn more about. The ability to locate your business on a map, secure the business phone number, email address and contact form, should be the number one priority, when building a website.  

2. Professional Images - We live in the digital era, where your online images should match your physical work. If you’re a boutique, your images should portray luxury. Photos  of your product, team at work and physical location of your business is a benefit, over stock photos.

3. Client Testimonials - How are people supposed to trust your word and business, over another? Easy! Gather positive testimonials that are highlighted on your website. Testimonials are the modern day referrals and a way to have a potential client deem you as credible.

4. Your Story - People invest in your brand because they want to be apart of your story. Whether it is a family business that has been passed down or a hobby that has turned into a career, humans love hearing stories and what makes your trade different from the other businesses in the community.

5. Simplicity Effect - The simplicity effect ensures your clients can maneuver your website with little to no distractions. That means having a consistent message across the site that allows the customer to feel at home by making seamless buying decisions.

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