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In 2015, DesignWons was birthed out of a basement in Naperville, Illinois. Looking to establish a name that reflected the Wons name and marketing efforts - DesignWons was officially LLC’d.

We set out to provide as much value as possible to our clients and confidently ask ‘how can we help?’ DesignWons believes in doing the little things better for their clients. We are digital marketing driven.

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3 Questions We Ask

We will gain clarity through questions.

What are you doing for your marketing strategy?

We are goal oriented and look at every marketing strategy as a measurable asset to your success.

What do you want to accomplish with design?

What we create, promote and sell must line up with who you are as a company and be something you're proud of.

What do you want to measure?

We create a 24/7 salesperson to sell your services, approach and business around the clock.

Paying It Forward

DesignWons believes in giving back to causes and efforts that have a positive impact on the Chicagoland area.

In early 2013, Weish4ever was created to honor Andrew Weishar and his selfless request specifically by: easing the financial burden, bringing joy, and providing a temporary escape from the daily realities of cancer.

DesignWons helps the Andrew Weishar Foundation with Website efforts including: Weish4Ever, WeishFest and The Andrew Weishar Invitational.

Why We Launched

​"America was found on people seeking religious freedom, new beginnings and opportunities.
I started my own business because I saw an opportunity to begin a new chapter in my life."

Opportunities are everywhere and enter our lives at some of the most unpredictable times. I launched DesignWons LLC in 2015, with the help of my Dad. ​Stories of successful entrepreneurs led me to thinking about launching my own business. I wanted to build a platform that could benefit other hard-working Americans. What I have built generates a source of revenue by helping businesses connect with potential clients via the web.

As I pondered on the thought of starting my own business, one specific memory strengthened my interest in doing so. One of my favorite high school teachers at St. Francis Mike Schmidt, taught me a very important lesson that I continue to carry with me everyday. Whether you’re mowing a lawn or signing a paper, it’s your personal stamp of approval that matters and every little detail matters. Only you know that the job you have just completed was the best possible job you could have done.

I have turned this job into a career and although there have been a myriad of challenges that I have encountered since launching DesignWons; I will continue to seek out new opportunities to help small-medium sized family-owned businesses be found, thrive and grow on the web!


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